The papers in these
represent the final versions of talks given at the
AMS Summer Research Institute on Differential Geometry, which took place at
Stanford University, Stanford, California, from July 30 to August 17, 1973. This
Institute was made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation. The
organizing committee consisted of Raoul H. Bott, Eugenio Calabi, S. S. Chern,
Leon W. Green, Shoshichi Kobayashi, Tilla K. Milnor, Barrett O'Neill, Robert
Osserman, James Simons, I. M. Singer, with the coeditors serving as cochairmen.
The activities were divided between general lectures and seminar talks. In these
the general lectures have been distributed among the various sem-
inars, according to their subject matter. Each part of the
consists of
a group of seminars, whose titles and chairmen are as follows:
Part 1:
Riemannian geometry (J. Cheeger)
Submanifolds (K. Nomizu)
Foliations (B. L. Reinhart)
Algebraic and piecewise-linear topology (T. F. Banchoff and H. R. Gluck)
Miscellaneous (B. O'Neill and J. Simons)
Part 2:
Complex differential geometry (S. Kobayashi)
Partial differential equations (J. L. Kazdan and F. W. Warner)
Homogeneous spaces (J. Wolf)
Relativity (T. Frankel)
Generally papers are included in the seminars in which they were presented,
although in certain cases the contents would make them more appropriate in
another section. In cases where a complete version of the talk appears elsewhere,
only an abstract is included here, together with a reference to the full paper.
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