CONTENTS Preface vii Singularities of Analytic Spaces Higher derivations and the Zariski-Iipman conjecture 3 By JOSEPH BECKER Fibering of residual currents 11 By N. COLEFF and M. HERRERA Cartesian product structure of singularities 21 By ROBERT EPHRAIM A geometric study of the monodromy of complex analytic surfaces 25 By GERALD LEONARD GORDON Remarks on asymptotic integrals, the polynomial of I. N. Bernstein and the Picard-Lefschetz monodromy 31 By HELMUT A. HAMM Deformations of cusp singularities 37 By ULRICH KARRAS On fji for surface singularities 45 By HENRY B. LAUFER Smoothing perfect varieties 51 By R. MANDELBAUM and M. SCHAPS The structure of weighted homogeneous polynomials. 57 By P. ORLIK and R. RANDELL Deformations of quotient surface singularities 65 By H.C.PINKHAM Simple elliptic singularities, Del Pezzo surfaces and Cremona transformations 69 By H.C.PINKHAM Simultaneous resolutions of singularities 73 By OSWALD RIEMENSCHNEIDER Equisingularity and local analytic geometry 77 By JOHN STUTZ in
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