Scientific Program of the Institute FIRST WEEK PLENARY LECTURE SERIES AND MINI-COURSES C. LeBrun, An introduction to twistors C. Simpson, Hodge theory and fundamental groups E. Witten, Duality in supersymmetric guage theories SEMINAR AND CONTRIBUTED LECTURES V. Alexeev, On the automorphisms of surfaces of log-general type J. Amoros, On nonfibered Kahler groups D. Arapura, Solvable Kahler groups P. Aspinwall, Quantum algebraic geometry and K3 surfaces L. Barbieri-Viale, Bloch's conjecture revisited V. Batyrev, Mirror symmetry and toric geometry T. Bauer, Higher order embeddings of abelian varieties F. Catanese, Images of canonical surfaces in three-space and nodal surfaces A. Corti, Some ideas and problems in the Mori program and the Sarkisov program 0. Debarre, Subvarieties with minimal class on Jacobians A. Dickenstein, Residues in toric varieties 1. Dolgachev, Mirror symmetry for K3 surfaces H. Esnault, Higher Chern classes of flat bundles in the Deligne bundle are torsion on a complex projective manifold (after A. Reznikov) R. Friedman, Algebraic surfaces and Seiberg-Witten invariants M. Green, What comes after the Abel-Jacobi map? M. Gross, Deforming Calabi-Yau threefolds Z. Guan, Classification of almost homogeneous spaces R. Hain, Hodge theory and mapping class group R. Hartshorne, Classification of space curves and Zeuthen's problem Y. Hu, Relative GIT and universal moduli spaces K. Hulek, Moduli of abelian and K3 surfaces A. Hwang, Examples of Kahler metrics with constant scalar curvature E. Izadi, Cubic hypersurfaces H. Kaji, On the homogeneous projective vaarieties with degenerate secants A. Kaplan, Hodge cycles at infinity Y. Karphishpan, Riemann reciprocity in higher dimensions xiii
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