Table of Contents Preface xi Harish-Chandra, His Work, and its Legacy V. S. VARADARAJAN 1 Some Recollections of Harish-Chandra ARMAND BOREL 37 Harish-Chandra Memorial Talk SIGURDUR HELGASON 43 Harish-Chandra Memorial Talk ROBERT P. LANGLANDS 47 Harish-Chandra Memorial Talk G. DANIEL MOSTOW 51 Harish-Chandra Memorial Talk V. S. VARADARAJAN 55 An Elementary Introduction to Harish-Chandra's Work REBECCA A. HERB 59 Stabilization of a Family of Differential Equations JAMES ARTHUR 77 Orbital Integrals of Nilpotent Orbits DAN BARBASCH 97 Representation Theory of p-adic Groups: A View from Operator Algebras P. F. BAUM, N. HIGSON and R. J. PLYMEN 111 Bruhat Filtrations and Whittaker Vectors for Real Groups WILLIAM CASSELMAN, HENRYK HECHT and DRAGAN MILICIC 151
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