and analytic number theory. These papers are presented in the second part of the
volume, and are arranged alphabetically. The theme of moments of zeta and L-
functions appears in papers in both parts of the volume, providing one indication
of the connection between the theory of multiple Dirichlet series and allied fields.
We would like to thank the National Science Foundation for funding the work-
shop on multiple Dirichlet series and the Mount Washington Hotel for hosting it.
We express our deep appreciation to the AMS, in particular to Christine Thivierge,
for making it possible to publish this proceedings. Also, we would like to thank
C. J. Mozzochi for all the wonderful conference pictures and Steven J. Miller for
preparing T^i files of many of the conference talks as they were being delivered.
Finally, special thanks go to Doreen Pappus of Brown University, without whose
help the running of this conference would not have been possible.
Daniel Bump
Solomon Friedberg
Dorian Goldfeld
Jeffrey Hoffstein
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