V l a d i m i r A . G e y l e r , Apri l 29 , 1 9 4 3 - Apri l 2, 2 0 0 7
Professor Vladimir Geyler, a prominent mathematical physicist and one of the
leading researchers in the field of Analysis on Graphs, passed away unexpectedly on
April 2nd 2007 in Cambridge. He was a highly esteemed colleague and co-author
of many of the participants of the program at the Isaac Newton Institute, and he
played an important role in the development of a number of the topics addressed
in this volume. He was also an exceptionally sensitive and generous man who was
held in the highest affection by his many friends. We devote this volume to his
memory, which we cherish.
A biography of Professor Geyler, together with a complete list of his publica-
tions, can be found in a memorial issue (number 4, volume 14, 2007) of the Russian
Journal of Mathematical Physics.
P. Exner, J. P. Keating, P. Kuchment, T. Sunada, A. Teplyaev
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