C o n t e n t s Introduction v Universal unfoldings of Laurent polynomials and tt* structures CLAUDE SABBAH 1 From primitive forms to Frobenius manifolds KYOJI SAITO and ATSUSHI TAKAHASHI 31 Twistor structures, ££*-geometry and singularity theory CLAUS HERTLING and CHRISTIAN SEVENHECK 49 Differential geometric aspects of the tt*-equations VICENTE CORTES and LARS SCHAFER 75 Hodge theoretic aspects of mirror symmetry LUDMIL KATZARKOV, MAXIM KONTSEVICH, and TONY PANTEV 87 A weight two phenomenon for the moduli of rank one local systems on open varieties CARLOS SIMPSON 175 Associativity for the Neumann system L.K. HOEVENAARS 215 Two-dimensional Gauge Theories and Quantum Integrable Systems ANTON A. GERASIMOV and SAMSON L. SHATASHVILI 239 Hurwitz numbers, matrix models and enumerative geometry VINCENT BOUCHARD and MARCOS MARINO 263 Background independence and the Open Topological String Wavefunction ANDREW NEITZKE and JOHANNES WALCHER 285
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