L. G¨ottsche, Instanton counting, Donaldson invariants and line bundles on moduli
spaces of sheaves on rational surfaces
M. Gross, Moduli of log Calabi-Yau spaces and mirror symmetry
T. Hausel, Cohomology of hyperk¨ ahler moduli spaces via arithmetic harmonic anal-
D. Huybrechts, Derived equivalences of twisted K3 surfaces
T. L. Jarvis, The virtual class in orbifold and stringy cohomology and K-theory
E. Katz, Relative Gromov-Witten invariants and symplectic field theory
S. Katz, Algebraic geometry and string theory
L. Katzarkov, Generalized Hodge structures and homological mirror symmetry
Y.-H. Kiem, Desingularizations of moduli spaces of rank 2 sheaves with trivial
B. Kreussler, Stability and the structure of the
derived category of coherent sheaves on irreducible curves of genus one
A. Ksir, Finite group actions on Riemann Roch spaces and automorphisms of al-
gebraic geometry codes
Y.-P Lee, Invariance of tautological equations: conjectures and applications
J. Li, Dimension zero Donaldson-Thomas invariants
T.-J. Li, Symplectic Calabi-Yau surfaces and equivariant stable homotopy
W.-P. Li, Some computations of Donaldson-Thomas invariants
C.-C. M. Liu, Relative Gromov-Witten theory and Hodge integrals
E. Markman, Moduli spaces of sheaves on K3 and abelian surfaces: their symmetries
and monodromy
J. Martens, Instanton counting and non-abelian localization
M. Mulase, Witten-Kontsevich theory revisited: a survey of recent developments
H. Nakajima, Instanton counting: the K-theoretic partition function
I. Nikolaev, Noncommutative geometry of algebraic curves
D. Oprea, On the intersection theory of the moduli space of rank 2 bundles
J. Ross, Stability of polarized varieties
W.-D. Ruan, Homological mirror symmetry for weighted projective spaces
Y. Ruan, Twisted K-theory and its product
B. Siebert, Tropical manifolds a finite element method in complex and symplectic
H. Tamvakis, Gromov-Witten invariants on isotropic Grassmannians
C. Teleman, Loop groups and moduli of G-bundles on Riemann surfaces
Second week
Plenary lectures
M. Haiman, Macdonald polynomials and Hilbert schemes
J. Harris, Rationality, unirationality, and rational connectivity
J. Koll´ ar, Resolution of singularities in characteristic zero
J. McKernan, On the existence of flips
V. Shokurov, Flips and finitely generated algebras
C. Voisin, Hodge theory and the topology of compact ahler and complex projective
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