Seminar lectures
H. Abo, Construction of rational surfaces in projective fourspace
V. Alexeev, Log canonical pairs and compactified moduli spaces
Y. Amitani, Projective manifolds with hyperplane sections being
five-sheeted covers of Pn
S. Billey, Schubert varieties under a microscope
F. Bogomolov, Birational geometry small fields, finite groups
L. Borisov, Should we teach toric varieties to our students?
A. Buch, Quantum cohomology of homogeneous spaces
A.-M. Castravet, Hilbert’s 14th problem and Cox rings
A. Corti, Explicit 3-folds
J.-P. Demailly, Recent results on hyperbolic algebraic varieties
H. Derksen, Quivers and combinatorics
S. Di Rocco, Toric varieties with dual defect and defect polytopes
L. Ein, Multiplier ideals
D. Eisenbud, Varieties, sets, and schemes ”of minimal degree”
P. Eyssidieux, Infinite coverings of complex projective manifolds
S. Grushevsky, Geometry of Ag and its compactifications
C. Hacon, Extension theorems and their applications to birational geometry
T. Holm, Act globally, compute locally: group actions, fixed points, and localization
K. Hulek, Volumes of lattices, the Borcherds modular form, and K3 surfaces
S. Ishii, Irreducible components of contact loci in arc spaces
S. Kaliman, Actions of C∗ and C+ on affine algebraic varieties
M. Kapranov, Infinite-dimensional spaces in algebraic geometry
K. Karu, Intersection cohomology and cd-index of fans
Y. Kawamata, Derived categories and birational geometry
A. Knutson, Degenerations to (unions of) toric varieties, old and new
S. Kov´ acs, Subvarieties of moduli stacks
A. Langer, Sheaves and principal G-bundles in positive characteristic
A. Libgober, Topology of the complements to divisors with isolated non normal
R. MacPherson, Schubert varieties in the loop Grassmannian
M. Manetti, Lie cylinders and higher obstructions to deforming submanifolds
G. Mikhalkin, Enumerative geometry and reality
S. Mukai, Hilbert’s original fourteenth problem and certain moduli spaces
M. Mustata, Spaces of arcs and singularities in birational geometry
K. O’Grady, Irreducible symplectic 4-folds which look like
A. Okounkov, Symmetric functions in Gromov-Witten theory
M. Popa, M-regularity and the Fourier-Mukai transform
B. Purnaprajna, Geometry of varieties of general type
M. Reid, Diptych varieties and Mori flips
Y.-T. Siu, Multiplier ideal sheaves and pluricanonical linear series
K. Smith, Survey of tight closure and positivity in algebraic geometry
T. Szemberg, Conjectures of Nagata and Hirschowitz and the Zariski decomposition
B. Totaro, Equivariant Chow groups: applications to quadratic forms and algebraic
F. Vaccarino, Symmetric products and invariants of matrices
R. Vakil, Geometric positivity in the Schubert calculus
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