P. Vermeire, The moduli of rank 2 reflexive sheaves on smooth 3-folds
J. Wlodarczyk, Factorization of birational maps
A. Yong, On smoothness and Gorensteinness of Schubert varieties
J. Zhang, On the D-dimension of certain types of threefolds
Third week
Plenary lectures
B. Conrad, The role of algebraic geometry in modularity theorems
D. Gaitsgory, Local geometric Langlands correspondence and representations of
affine algebras
P. Griffiths, Hodge theoretic invariants of algebraic cycles
P. Griffiths, On the tangent space to the space of algebraic cycles
F. Loeser, Lectures on motivic integration
Seminar lectures
D. Arinkin, Quantum groupoids and completely integrable systems
P. Balmer, Support varieties for triangulated categories
S. Bloch, Motives associated to graphs
A. Bondal, Derived categories of toric varieties
C. Chin, Independence of of monodromy groups
B. Conrad, Root numbers and ranks
M. De Cataldo, The Hodge theory of algebraic maps
J. De Jong, Brauer groups I: moduli of Azumaya algebras
J. Ellenberg, Asymptotics and upper bounds for rational points on algebraic vari-
M. Garuti, Barsotti-Tate groups and representations of the fundamental group
E. Gasparim, Holomorphic surgery and topology of moduli spaces
A. Ghitza, Theta operator for Siegel modular forms
R. Hain, Hyperelliptic motives
W. Haboush, Generalized Bruhat decompositions and infinite lattice varieties: an
introduction to Langlands duals in the theory of loop and looplike spaces
B. Hassett, Weak approximation for rationally connected varieties over
function fields of curves
B. Hassett, Density of rational points on K3 surfaces
D. Kaledin, Derived equivalences by quantization
N. Katz, Easy open questions on finite fields
K. Kedlaya, p-adic differential equations and p-adic cohomology: recent progress
S. Kimura, On finite dimensionality of motives
D. Krashen, Zero cycles on homogeneous varieties
A. Kresch, Progress on the geometry of Deligne-Mumford stacks
M. Larsen, Criteria for -adic monodromy to be large
K. Lauter, Constructing genus 2 curves with applications to cryptography
M. Lieblich, Brauer groups II: Twisted sheaves and applications
J. Lurie, Elliptic cohomology and derived algebraic geometry
I. Mirkovic, Lie algebras in positive characteristic: geometry and Langlands duality
T. Mochizuki, Tame harmonic bundles and their applications
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