D. Nadler, Morse theory and tilting sheaves
M. Nori, Motives in characteristic zero
M. Olsson, Nonabelian p-adic Hodge theory
F. Oort, Hecke orbits in moduli spaces
C. Pedrini, On the transcendental part of the motive of a surface
M. Reid, K3s and Fano 3-folds, Tom and Jerry
A. Sano, Geometry of varieties of lattices over Witt vectors
M. Sch¨ utt, Arithmetic of K3 surfaces
S. Sert¨oz, Orbits in the anti-invariant sublattice of the K3-lattice
J. Starr, Rationally simply-connected varieties and rational points
B. To¨ en, Higher stacks an overview
A. Vistoli, Tame artin stacks
B. Wang, Second-order deformations and the Clemens conjecture
A. Yekutieli, Deformation quantization in algebraic geometry
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