Higher and derived stacks: a global overview
B. Toen 435
Part 2
Hodge-theoretic aspects of the decomposition theorem
M. A. A. de Cataldo and L. Migliorini 489
Jet schemes and singularities
L. Ein and M.
¸ a 505
Multiple polylogarithms, polygons, trees and algebraic cycles
H. Gangl, A. B. Goncharov, and A. Levin 547
Geometry and topology of symplectic resolutions
D. Kaledin 595
Actions of and
S. Kaliman 629
Derived categories and birational geometry
Y. Kawamata 655
p-adic Cohomology
K. S. Kedlaya 667
Subvarieties of moduli stacks of canonically polarized varieties: generalizations
of Shafarevich’s conjecture
S. Kovacs
Young person’s guide to moduli of higher dimensional varieties
S. Kovacs
Seattle lectures on motivic integration
F. Loeser 745
Differential graded Lie algebras and formal deformation theory
M. Manetti 785
On Faltings’ method of almost ´ etale extensions
M. C. Olsson 811
Weak approximation for hypersurfaces of low degree
B. Hassett and Y. Tschinkel 937
Simple constructive weak factorization
J. W lodarczyk 957
C∗ C+
on affine algebraic varieties
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