Conference Speakers Jonathan Rosenberg Topology, C∗-algebras, and String Duality Matthew Ando Twisted Generalized Cohomology and Twisted Elliptic Cohomology Paul Baum Equivariant K Homology Jonathan Block Homological Mirror Symmetry and Noncommutative Geometry Peter Bouwknegt The Geometry Behind Non-geometric Fluxes Alan Carey Twisted Geometric Cycles Jacques Distler Geometry and Topology of Orientifolds I Dan Freed Geometry and Topology of Orientifolds II Nigel Higson The Baum-Connes Conjecture and Parametrization of Representations Sooran Kang The Yang-Mills Functional and Laplace’s Equation on Quantum Heisenberg manifolds Varghese Mathai The Index of Projective Families of Elliptic Operators Marc Rieffel Vector Bundles for “Matrix Algebras Converge to the Sphere” Hisham Sati Fivebrane Structures in String Theory and M-theory Claude Schochet An Update on the Unitary Group Eric Sharpe GLSMs, Gerbes, and Kuznetsov’s Homological Projective Duality Dana Williams Proper Actions on C*-algebras xiii
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