Contents Preface vii Conference Attendees xi Conference Speakers xiii Introduction Jonathan Rosenberg 1 Functoriality of Rieffel’s Generalised Fixed-Point Algebras for Proper Actions Astrid an Huef, Iain Raeburn, and Dana P. Williams 9 Twists of K-theory and TMF Matthew Ando, Andrew J. Blumberg, and David Gepner 27 Division Algebras and Supersymmetry I John C. Baez and John Huerta 65 K-homology and D-branes Paul Baum 81 Riemann-Roch and Index Formulae in Twisted K-theory Alan L. Carey and Bai-Ling Wang 95 Noncommutative Principal Torus Bundles via Parametrised Strict Deformation Quantization Keith C. Hannabuss and Varghese Mathai 133 A Survey of Noncommutative Yang-Mills Theory for Quantum Heisenberg Manifolds Sooran Kang 149 From Rational Homotopy to K-Theory for Continuous Trace Algebras John R. Klein, Claude L. Schochet, and Samuel B. Smith 165 Distances between Matrix Algebras that Converge to Coadjoint Orbits Marc A. Rieffel 173 Geometric and Topological Structures Related to M-branes Hisham Sati 181 Landau-Ginzburg Models, Gerbes, and Kuznetsov’s Homological Projective Duality Eric Sharpe 237 v
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