Preface The Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) hosted a regional conference, funded by the National Science Foundation, during the week of May 18–22, 2009, entitled Topology, C*-algebras, and String Duality at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. The principal lecturer was Jonathan Rosenberg of the University of Maryland, whose conference lectures have been published in Volume 111 of the CBMS’s Regional Conference Series in Mathematics. In addition to Professor Rosenberg’s lectures, the conference featured talks by fifteen other speakers on topics related to his lectures and the general theme of the conference. The purpose of this volume is to collect the contributions of these speakers and other participants. All papers have been carefully refereed and will not appear elsewhere. At first sight these papers, which are highly interdisciplinary, may appear unrelated. To provide direction and historical context for the reader, a technical introduction describing how the various papers fit together in a natural way has been written by Professor Rosenberg. It appears as the first article in the volume. The editors express their sincere gratitude and thanks to the speakers for their beautiful talks and their willingness to spend many hours writing them up so that the results would be available to the larger scientific community. In addition, we ac- knowledge the hard work and help of the referees. We thank the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences and the National Science Foundation for their sup- port via NSF Grant DMS-0735233. We thank Sergei Gelfand, Christine Thivierge, and the dedicated staff at the American Mathematical Society for their efforts in publishing these proceedings. Finally, we thank Texas Christian University and all the participants who helped ensure a wonderfully successful conference. Robert S. Doran Greg Friedman Jonathan Rosenberg vii
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