Preface vii
Introduction 1
Foundations for Quantum Field Theory
Models for (∞, n)-categories and the cobordism hypothesis
Julia Bergner 17
From operads to dendroidal sets
Ittay Weiss 31
Field theories with defects and the centre functor
Alexei Davydov, Liang Kong, and Ingo Runkel 71
Quantization of Field Theories
Homotopical Poisson reduction of gauge theories
eric Paugam 131
Orientifold pr´ecis
Jacques Distler, Daniel Freed, and Gregory Moore 159
Two-Dimensional Quantum Field Theories
Surface operators in 3d TFT and 2d rational CFT
Anton Kapustin and Natalia Saulina 175
Conformal field theory and a new geometry
Liang Kong 199
Collapsing conformal field theories, spaces with non-negative Ricci curvature
and non-commutative geometry
Yan Soibelman 245
Supersymmetric field theories and generalized cohomology
Stephan Stolz and Peter Teichner 279
Topological modular forms and conformal nets
Christopher Douglas and
e Henriques 341
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