Contents Preface vii List of Participants xi Plenary Talks 1 Integrable lattice models from four-dimensional field theories Kevin Costello 3 Anomalies and invertible field theories Daniel S. Freed 25 Categorical base loci and spectral gaps, via Okounkov bodies and Nevanlinna theory Ludmil Katzarkov and Yijia Liu 47 Rankin-Selberg methods for closed string amplitudes Boris Pioline 119 Singular fibers and Coulomb phases Sakura Schafer-Nameki ¨ 145 The physics and the mixed Hodge structure of Feynman integrals Pierre Vanhove 161 Contributed Talks 195 Polynomial rings and topological strings Murad Alim 197 Exploring novel geometry in heterotic/F-theory dual pairs Lara B. Anderson 209 Massless spectrum for hybrid CFTs Marco Bertolini, Ilarion V. Melnikov, and M. Ronen Plesser 221 A quick guide to defect orbifolds Ilka Brunner, Nils Carqueville, and Daniel Plencner 231 Geometric T-dualization Calder Daenzer 243 Mirror symmetry in flavored affine D-type quivers Anindya Dey 259 v
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