about mathematical modelling of strategic behavior, enever the outcome of an individual's actions depends taken by other individuals. The individuals may be non-human beings, the actions either premeditated Thus models of strategic behavior are applicable in and the natural sciences. f humans interacting strategically include store man- es—the number of customers who buy at one store's d on the price at other stores in the neighborhood tiating a 4-way junction—whether it is advantageous assume right of way depends on whether the other right of way. Examples of non-humans interacting lude spiders disputing a territory—the risk of injury rom being an aggressor will depend on whether the d to fight and insects foraging for oviposition sites— ne insect's eggs that mature into adults at a given site growth is limited) will depend on the number of eggs er insects. These and other strategic interactions will detail, beginning in Chapter 1. , however, it will be helpful first to consider an exam- ewhat fanciful—will serve to delineate the important een strategic and non-strategic decision making. Let xvn
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