Selected Titles in This Series 11 Michael Mesterton-Gibbons, An introduction to game-theoretic modelling, 2000 10 John Oprea, The mathematics of soap films: Explorations with Maple®, 2000 9 David E. Blair, Inversion theory and conformal mapping, 2000 8 Edward B. Burger, Exploring the number jungle: A journey into diophantine analysis, 2000 7 Judy L. Walker, Codes and curves, 2000 6 Gerald Tenenbaum and Michel Mendes Prance, The prime numbers and their distribution, 2000 5 Alexander Mehlmann, The game's afoot! Game theory in myth and paradox, 2000 4 W . J. Kaczor and M. T. Nowak, Problems in mathematical analysis I: Real numbers, sequences and series, 2000 3 Roger Knobel, An introduction to the mathematical theory of waves, 2000 2 Gregory F. Lawler and Lester N. Coyle, Lectures on contemporary probability, 1999 1 Charles Radin, Miles of tiles, 1999
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