Agenda in most general terms—constitutes a decision maker's se the reward is self-evident in the particular exam- e.9 We can demonstrate the usefulness and richness of voiding unnecessary abstractions even 2-player games rm have enormous potential, which has scarcely begun Moreover, we can rely on intuitions about everyday engthen our grasp of game theory's key ideas, and we and creative in applying those ideas. a is thus defined. We carry out this agenda in Chapters maries and suggestions for further reading in commen- nds of the chapters and in Chapter 7 we critique our nts. There follow solutions—or at least strong hints— e exercises, and so it is assumed of the reader that he iently mature not to consult a solution until a problem een seriously attempted. Which reminds me: We as- ut that a protagonist of indeterminate sex is female in chapters and male in even-numbered chapters. This imply the reverse of that which I adopted in A Concrete athematical Modelling [144], and it renders unneces- nual use of "his or her" and "he or she" in place of uns. discuss this issue thoroughly include [122], [206], [207] and [231]. ooks defines the classical approach to the theory of games the first is text covering the same ground and more, but with much less technical il and the other two constitute one of the most comprehensive works ver published.
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