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Books [1-4] provide a basis for topological geometric int
they are recommended as preliminary reading.
Chapters 1 and 2 of [5] cover such topics as homotopy g
homotopy theory of cellular spaces, and basic (co)homology t
The book [8] provides an introduction to smooth manifold the
nice explanation of Morse theory is contained in [9 and 10]. The
[6] is not easy reading for beginners and we recommend it with
however, it can serve as an exhaustive handbook and dictiona
all topics studied in the first half of our book, and [7] helps in
rare cases when [6] is insufficient. The book [11] is one of the w
best textbooks in algebraic topology, and I hope that the read
be able to handle it. Finally, [12] is a nice and very wide sur
the modern state of topology.
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