§6.1. Locally trivial bundles
§6.2. The exact sequence of a fiber bundle
Chapter 7. Smooth manifolds
§7.1. Smooth structures
§7.2. Orientations
§7.3. Tangent bundles over smooth manifolds
§7.4. Riemannian structures
Chapter 8. The degree of a map
§8.1. Critical sets of smooth maps
§8.2. The degree of a map
§8.3. The classification of maps Mn - Sn
§8.4. The index of a vector field
Chapter 9. Homology: Basic definitions and examples
§9.1. Chain complexes and their homology
§9.2. Simplicial homology of simplicial polyhedra
§9.3. Maps of complexes
§9.4. Singular homology
Chapter 10. Main properties of singular homology groups an
their computation
§10.1. Homology of the point
§10.2. The exact sequence of a pair
§10.3. The exact sequence of a triple
§10.4. Homology of suspensions
§10.5. The Mayer-Vietoris sequence
§10.6. Homology of wedges
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