Acknowledgements xiii Undoubtedly a number of typos and other errors are present in the final version, for which I alone bear responsibility. I am maintain- ing a website for the book. It can be reached from the AMS webpage for the book, whose URL is given on the copyright page and on the back cover of the book. The website will contain lists of typographical errors and their corrections. I thank David Cox, Joachim Koch, and Michael Stone for assis- tance with figures, and I also thank Randy McCarthy for providing some references. A number of people involved with PCMI deserve thanks for their assistance: William Barker, Herb Clemens, Catherine Giesbrecht, Roger Howe, and David Morrison. I also thank the AMS staff who have assisted me directly during this project: Barbara Beeton, Arlene O’Sean, and especially Edward Dunne, as well as the rest of the team working behind the scenes to make this book a reality. Finally, I want to thank my family for their support and patience during the times when this project made me less available for them than any of us would have liked. November 2005 Sheldon Katz
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