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John Polkin g
2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primar y 52-01
Secondary 13-01.
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Thomas, Rekh a R. , 1967-
Lectures i n geometri c combinatoric s / Rekh a R . Thomas .
p. cm . (Studen t mathematica l library , ISS N 1520-9121; v. 33 . I
City mathematica l subseries )
Includes bibliographica l reference s an d index .
ISBN 0-8218-4140-8 (alk . paper )
1. Combinatoria l geometry . 2 . Combinatoria l analysis . I . Title . II
Student mathematica l librar y ; v. 33 . III . Series : Studen t mathematica
IAS/Park Cit y mathematica l subseries .
QA167.T45 200 6
516'.13—dc22 200604284
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