IAS/Park Cit y
Mathematics Institut e
The IAS/Par k Cit y Mathematic s Institut e (PCMI ) wa s fou
1991 a s par t o f th e "Regiona l Geometr y Institute " initiativ
National Scienc e Foundation . I n mid-1993 th e progra m foun
stitutional hom e at th e Institute for Advance d Stud y (IAS ) i
ton, Ne w Jersey . Th e PCM I continue s t o hol d summe r prog
Park City , Utah .
The IAS/Par k Cit y Mathematic s Institut e encourage s
search an d educatio n i n mathematics an d foster s interactio n
the two . Th e three-wee k summe r institut e offer s program
searchers an d postdoctora l scholars , graduat e students , und
ate students , hig h schoo l teachers , mathematic s educatio n r
ers, an d undergraduat e faculty . On e of PCMI's mai n goal s is
all o f th e participant s awar e o f th e tota l spectru m o f activi
occur i n mathematics educatio n an d research : w e wish to inv
fessional mathematician s i n educatio n an d t o brin g moder n
in mathematic s t o th e attentio n o f educators . T o tha t en d t
mer institut e feature s genera l session s designe d t o encourag e
tion amon g th e variou s groups . In-yea r activitie s a t site s aro
country for m a n integra l par t o f th e Hig h Schoo l Teache r Pr
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