X X Prefaces to the German Editions wife, Claudia, without whose often tried patience this book could not have been written. Preface to the Second German Edition The pleasant circumstance that this book's first edition sold out in only two years gives me the opportunity to expand the bibliography and to correct some errors spotted by several alert readers, partic- ularly Daniel Adler, Ulrich Brosa, Kurt Ewald, Volker Kern, Ralf Krawczyk, and Heinz Liineburg. Preface to the Third German Edition I again have alert readers to thank for the discovery of errors: Er- win Hartmann, Alfred Moser, and David Kramer, who is also the translator of the English-language edition. Finally, I have fulfilled my frequently mentioned desire to provide the book with a set of exercises for the reader. The Author's Coordinates. Readers are encouraged to report er- rors or infelicities via e-mail to mail@bewersdorff-online. de. Ques- tions will also be answered to the extent possible. Additions and cor- rections will be published on my website: http : //www. bewersdorff- online.de. The AMS will also maintain a web page for this book. The URL can be found on the back cover. Jorg Bewersdorff
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