Preface to the English
This book is a translation of the second edition of my German book
Algebra fiir Einsteiger: Von der Gleichungsauflosung zur Galois-Theo-
rie, Vieweg, 2004. The original German edition has been expanded
by the addition of exercises. The goal of the book is described in
the original preface. In a few words it can be sketched as follows:
Galois theory is presented in the most elementary way, following the
historical evolution. The main focus is always the classical application
to algebraic equations and their solutions by radicals. I am grateful
to David Kramer, who did more than translate the present book,
having also offered several suggestions for improvements. My thanks
are also directed to Ulrike Schmickler-Hirzebruch, of Vieweg, who
first proposed a translation to the American Mathematical Society,
and to Edward Dunne, of the AMS, for managing the translation.
Jorg Bewersdorff
Translator's Note
I wish to express my appreciation to Jorg Bewersdorff for his helpful
collaboration on the translation and to the following individuals at
the American Mathematical Society: Edward Dunne for entrusting
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