Thanks This book would not hav e been possible without th e influence an d a sistance o f numerous people . I wish to than k m y family wh o suffere a certain amoun t o f divided attention . Muc h thanks is due to my st dents and colleagues whose comments and suggestions had a profou impact o n this work. I t i s impossible to mention everybody , bu t I a especially grateful t o Gin a Belarde, David Covert , Michae l Gramlic Zara Girnius , Lac y Hardcastle , Derric k Hart , Stev e Hofmann , Tyl Jones-Salisbury, Net s Katz , Jame s Knapp , Doowo n Koh , Bil l M Clain, Davi d Meyer , Lorent z Morrow , Heathe r Rosenblatt , Shanno Reed, Mar k Rudelson, Mish a Rudnev, Stev e Senger, Terr y Tao, Ign cio Uriarte-Tuero, Maris a Zymonopoulou an d the anonymous refere for thoroug h proofreadin g an d excellen t recommendations . The autho r i s especially indebte d t o Shanno n Le e Reed who su gested an d encourage d th e creatio n o f thi s boo k durin g an d afte she enrolle d i n th e summe r progra m o n th e Besicovitch-Kakey a co jecture i n Augus t 200 4 an d i n th e capston e cours e I taugh t a t th University o f Missour i i n th e Fal l o f 2004 . I a m mos t gratefu l t o h for helpin g m e rediscove r m y passio n fo r writing , whic h ha s ha d profound impac t o n my approac h t o teachin g an d research . I wis h t o than k m y colleague , Louka s Grafakos , fo r a n excelle suggestion regardin g th e presentatio n o f th e fac t tha t trigonometr polynomials ar e dens e i n th e spac e o f squar e integrabl e function s o
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