X Than the torus , a remark tha t mad e the presentatio n o f the las t chapte r the book much more coherent. I also wish to thank my colleague Fri Gezstesy fo r makin g m e awar e o f th e beautifu l book , entitle d The Cauchy-Schwartz Master Class, b y J . Michae l Steel e ([16]) , whic significantly affecte d m y thinking abou t severa l topics covered i n th book. Much gratitud e i s due to Nets Katz an d Wilhel m Schla g who e couraged m e t o explor e connection s betwee n combinatoric s an d ha monic analysi s earl y i n m y career . Suc h connection s hav e sinc e th become a centerpiece o f my research program . I fee l a n infinit e amoun t o f gratitude t o m y parents, Michae l an Svetlana Iosevich , m y brothe r Sam , an d m y decease d grandparent without whos e support nothin g meaningful i n my life would have be possible. I am deeply indebted to Eugene Yampolsky, a graduate student mathematics a t th e Universit y o f Missouri-Columbia , wh o prepare many usefu l an d attractiv e diagram s tha t ar e displaye d i n this boo
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