Biographical information The author was born in Lvov, USSR on December 14 , 1967, emigrat to th e Unite d State s o f Americ a a t th e ag e o f eleve n wit h hi s imm diate family , an d gre w u p i n Chicago , Illinois . H e graduate d fro the Universit y o f Chicag o i n 198 9 with a B.S . in Pur e Mathematic and a Ph.D . fro m UCL A i n 199 3 under th e directio n o f Christoph Sogge. Afte r appointment s a t McMaste r University , Wrigh t Sta University, an d Georgetown , th e autho r appear s to have settled do at th e Universit y o f Missouri wher e thi s boo k wa s entirely written
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