Titles in This Series
46 Anatole Katok and Vaughn Climenhaga, Lectures on surfaces:
(Almost) everything you wanted to know about them, 2008
45 Harold M. Edwards, Higher arithmetic: An algorithmic introduction to
number theory, 2008
44 Yitzhak Katznelson and Yonatan R. Katznelson, A (terse)
introduction to linear algebra, 2008
43 Ilka Agricola and Thomas Friedrich, Elementary geometry, 2008
42 C. E. Silva, Invitation to ergodic theory, 2007
41 Gary L. Mullen and Carl Mummert, Finite fields and applications,
40 Deguang Han, Keri Kornelson, David Larson, and Eric Weber,
Frames for undergraduates, 2007
39 Alex Iosevich, A view from the top: Analysis, combinatorics and number
theory, 2007
38 B. Fristedt, N. Jain, and N. Krylov, Filtering and prediction: A
primer, 2007
37 Svetlana Katok, p-adic analysis compared with real, 2007
36 Mara D. Neusel, Invariant theory, 2007
35 org Bewersdorff, Galois theory for beginners: A historical perspective,
34 Bruce C. Berndt, Number theory in the spirit of Ramanujan, 2006
33 Rekha R. Thomas, Lectures in geometric combinatorics, 2006
32 Sheldon Katz, Enumerative geometry and string theory, 2006
31 John McCleary, A first course in topology: Continuity and dimension,
30 Serge Tabachnikov, Geometry and billiards, 2005
29 Kristopher Tapp, Matrix groups for undergraduates, 2005
28 Emmanuel Lesigne, Heads or tails: An introduction to limit theorems in
probability, 2005
27 Reinhard Illner, C. Sean Bohun, Samantha McCollum, and Thea
van Roode, Mathematical modelling: A case studies approach, 2005
26 Robert Hardt, Editor, Six themes on variation, 2004
25 S. V. Duzhin and B. D. Chebotarevsky, Transformation groups for
beginners, 2004
24 Bruce M. Landman and Aaron Robertson, Ramsey theory on the
integers, 2004
23 S. K. Lando, Lectures on generating functions, 2003
22 Andreas Arvanitoyeorgos, An introduction to Lie groups and the
geometry of homogeneous spaces, 2003
21 W. J. Kaczor and M. T. Nowak, Problems in mathematical analysis
III: Integration, 2003
20 Klaus Hulek, Elementary algebraic geometry, 2003
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