Preface to the English
The history and the goals of this book are adequately described in
the original Preface (to the Russian edition) and I shall not repeat
it here. The idea to translate the book into English came from the
numerous requests of my former students, who are now spread over
the world. For a long time I kept postponing the translation because
I hoped to be able to modify the book making it more informative.
However, the recent book by Leon Takhtajan, Quantum Mechanics
for Mathematicians (Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Volume 95,
American Mathematical Society, 2008), which contains most of the
material I was planning to add, made such modifications unnecessary
and I decided that the English translation can now be published.
Just when the decision to translate the book was made, my coau-
thor Oleg Yakubovski˘ ı died. He had taught this course for more
than 30 years and was quite devoted to it. He felt compelled to add
some physical words to my more formal exposition. The Russian
text, published in 1980, was prepared by him and can be viewed as
a combination of my original notes for the course and his experience
of teaching it. It is a great regret that he will not see the English
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