Our thanks go to the many friends and colleagues who were kind
enough to read early versions and make valuable comments and sug-
gestions that have improved the final manuscript. We would like to
express our special appreciation to Mike Spivak for showing us an
early version of his soon to appear “Physics for Mathematicians: Me-
chanics”; to Michael Nauenberg, for his helpful criticism concerning
the early history of Mechanics; to Nelson Beebe and David Eppstein
for their help with TEX macros; and to Peter Alfeld, Grady Wright,
William Kahan, Gil Strang, Andy Majda, Moe Hirsch, and Carl Wit-
twer for their helpful contributions.
We would also like to express our deep gratitude to the AMS
staff: Sergei Gelfand, Publisher; Stephen Moye, Publications Support
Specialist, TEX expert for this project; Mary Medeiros, Electronic
Publishing Technician, who formatted the files; and Arlene O’Sean,
the production editor. Their patience, flexibility, and expertise were
essential to the completion of the project with the highest possible
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