xii Preface that Asymptopia deserved its own emphasis. A facility with asymp- totic calculations could be taught, could be learned, and was a highly pragmatic element of their mathematical education. Laura Florescu began her graduate studies at the Courant Insti- tute in the fall of 2012. Almost immediately we began our study of mathematical results, old and new, and began work on open ques- tions. This pursuit happily continues to this day. Early on, with this project still in its nascent phase, Laura graciously offered her assis- tance. We have discussed ideas for the various chapters and sections together. Some of the ideas, such as giving a proof of the Law of the Iterated Logarithm, originated entirely from her and all of the ideas were jointly discussed. She has written early drafts of many sections. (However, all errors in the final copy, what you are reading now, are my responsibility.) I hope that this project has been as much a learn- ing experience for Laura as it has been for me. With her talents and energy, Laura has a bright future ahead of her. Thank you, Laura. My editor, Ina Mette, deserves special recognition. We have known each other for many years and I had always wanted to write a book under her editorship. Conversations about this current work took place over a long period of time. Through lunches at Lure in New York, at Central av´ eh´ az in Budapest, through numerous emails and phone calls, the outlines of this current work came into focus. Ina has always been insightful in her suggestions and fully supportive of my ofttimes ill-defined ruminations. Thank you, Ina. 1968 was special for me personally as well as professionally. It was the year I married my wife Mary Ann, whom I wish to thank once again for her assistance, encouragement, and understanding. Without her, this enterprise would have had little meaning. Joel Spencer New York Fall, 2013
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