We wish to thank a number of individuals for finding errors in the
first edition and for helping to improve the exposition of the text,
including: Charles Baker, Arie Bialostocki, Srashti Dwivedi, Sohail
Farhangi, Paul Frigge, Andraes onsson, Jonathan Leprince, Ryan
Matzke, James Henry Sanders, and Hunter Snevily. Special thanks
go to Sarah Landman for her careful proofreading. We are grateful
to all the readers of the first edition who contacted us with insightful
comments and suggestions. We also express our gratitute to our fellow
Ramsey theorists for enlightening us on some recent advances in the
field and for pointing us to a number of intriguing problems. We
appreciate the kind and professional support given to us throughout
the process by Edward Dunne, Christine Thivierge, and the rest of
the AMS production staff.
Bruce Landman adds a special debt of gratitude to his wife,
Eleanor, for her support, patience, and sense of humor throughout
this endeavor, and to his two wonderful daughters, Emma and Sarah,
who add so much meaning to everything he does.
Aaron would like to thank: his parents, Pearl and Doug, for
providing him with a happy and supportive upbringing; his brother
Jason (sorry for waking you with the snare drum, hiding in the closet
to scare you, etc.); his advisor, Doron Zeilberger, without whom he
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