This highly readable book brings to life the
fundamental ideas and theorems from
diophantine approximation and equations,
geometry of numbers, diophantine geometry,
and p-adic analysis. Through his engaging
style, the author creates an inviting atmos-
phere where readers actively build intuition,
develop ideas, and prove results as they
journey through some beautiful areas of
number theory. The minimal background
requirements and the author's fresh
approach make this book enjoyable and
accessible to a wide range of students, math-
ematicians, and fans of number theory.
Hidden in the front and back covers are 3-D "magic"
stereogram images.
Viewin g "magic " stereogra m ar t is don e by lookin g throug h
the image , allowin g the patter n to overla p visuall y as you r
eye s focu s pas t the surface . Her e is on e metho d to hel p se e
the 3-D images .
Hol d the boo k righ t up to you r fac e so you r nos e is touchin g
the cover . No w imagin e tha t yo u ar e lookin g straigh t ahead ,
righ t throug h th e book . Slowl y pul l the boo k awa y whil e
keepin g you r eye s pointe d straigh t ahead . If yo u d o this
slowl y enough , an imag e usuall y appear s whe n the boo k is a t
the correc t distance . It ma y tak e som e time befor e the imag e
appears—jus t as in mathematics , yo u mus t be patient .
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