Titles in This Series
106 Hiroyuki Yoshida, Absolute CM-periods, 2003
105 Charalambos D . Aliprantis and Owen Burkinshaw, Locally solid Riesz spaces with
applications to economics, second edition, 2003
104 Graham Everest, Alf van der Poorten, Igor Shparlinski, and Thomas Ward,
Recurrence sequences, 2003
103 Octav Cornea, Gregory Lupton, John Oprea, and Daniel Tanre,
Lusternik-Schnirelmann category, 2003
102 Linda Rass and John Radcliffe, Spatial deterministic epidemics, 2003
101 Eli Glasner, Ergodic theory via joinings, 2003
99 Philip S. Hirschhorn, Model categories and their localizations, 2003
98 Victor Guillemin, Viktor Ginzburg, and Yael Karshon, Moment maps,
cobordisms, and Hamiltonian group actions, 2002
97 V. A. Vassiliev, Applied Picard-Lefschetz theory, 2002
96 Martin Markl, Steve Shnider, and Jim Stasheff, Operads in algebra, topology and
physics, 2002
95 Seiichi Kamada, Braid and knot theory in dimension four, 2002
94 Mara D . Neusel and Larry Smith, Invariant theory of finite groups, 2002
93 Nikolai K. Nikolski, Operators, functions, and systems: An easy reading. Volume 2:
Model operators and systems, 2002
92 Nikolai K. Nikolski, Operators, functions, and systems: An easy reading. Volume 1:
Hardy, Hankel, and Toeplitz, 2002
91 Richard Montgomery, A tour of subriemannian geometries, their geodesies and
applications, 2002
90 Christian Gerard and Izabella Laba, Multiparticle quantum scattering in constant
magnetic fields, 2002
89 Michel Ledoux, The concentration of measure phenomenon, 2001
88 Edward Prenkel and David Ben-Zvi, Vertex algebras and algebraic curves, 2001
87 Bruno Poizat, Stable groups, 2001
86 Stanley N . Burris, Number theoretic density and logical limit laws, 2001
85 V. A. Kozlov, V. G. Maz'ya, and J. Rossmann, Spectral problems associated with
corner singularities of solutions to elliptic equations, 2001
84 Laszlo Fuchs and Luigi Salce, Modules over non-Noetherian domains, 2001
83 Sigurdur Helgason, Groups and geometric analysis: Integral geometry, invariant
differential operators, and spherical functions, 2000
82 Goro Shimura, Arithmeticity in the theory of automorphic forms, 2000
81 Michael E. Taylor, Tools for PDE: Pseudodifferential operators, paradifferential
operators, and layer potentials, 2000
80 Lindsay N . Childs, Taming wild extensions: Hopf algebras and local Galois module
theory, 2000
79 Joseph A. Cima and William T. Ross, The backward shift on the Hardy space, 2000
78 Boris A. Kupershmidt, KP or mKP: Noncommutative mathematics of Lagrangian,
Hamiltonian, and integrable systems, 2000
77 Fumio Hiai and Denes Petz, The semicircle law, free random variables and entropy,
76 Frederick P. Gardiner and Nikola Lakic, Quasiconformal Teichmuller theory, 2000
75 Greg Hjorth, Classification and orbit equivalence relations, 2000
74 Daniel W . Stroock, An introduction to the analysis of paths on a Riemannian manifold,
73 John Locker, Spectral theory of non-self-adjoint two-point differential operators, 2000
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