18. Eisenstein series on Ou 173 19. Eisenstein series on Ov 181 20. Arithmetic description of the pullback of an Eisenstein series 187 21. Analytic continuation of Euler products and Eisenstein series 196 Chapter VI. Euler products and Eisenstein series on Clifford groups 205 22. Euler products on G+(V) 205 23. Eisenstein series on G(H, 2~1r]) 212 24. Eisenstein series of general types on a Clifford group 218 25. Euler products for holomorphic forms on a Clifford group 226 26. Proof of the last main theorem 234 Appendix 243 Al. Differential operators on a semisimple Lie group 243 A2. Eigenvalues of integral operators 250 A3. Structure of Clifford algebras over R 261 A4. An embedding of G1(F) into a symplectic group 265 A5. Spin representations and Lie algebras 268 References 272 Frequently used symbols 274 Index 275
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