Vll l CONTENTS Chapter 6. Nonnegative Gauss Curvature 6.1. The Setting 6.2. A Priori Estimates 6.3. Iterations Notes Chapter 7. Nonpositive Gauss Curvature 7.1. The Setting 7.2. A Priori Estimates for the Linearized System 7.3. A Priori Estimates for the Cauchy Problem 7.4. Iterations 7.5. Remarks on the Hypothesis Notes Part 3. Global Isometric Embedding of Surfaces in Chapter 8. Deformation of Surfaces 8.1. The Rigidity of Surfaces 8.2. The Infinitesimal Rigidity of Surfaces 8.3. A Positive Disk of Not Infinitesimal Rigidity Notes Chapter 9. The Weyl Problem 9.1. Geometric Preliminaries 9.2. Openness 9.3. Closedness Notes Chapter 10. Complete Negatively Curved Surfaces 10.1. Nonexistence of Isometric Immersions 10.2. Existence of Isometric Immersions, Part I 10.3. Existence of Isometric Immersions, Part II Notes Chapter 11. Boundary Value Problems 11.1. The Dirichlet Problem with Planar Boundaries 11.2. The Darboux System and Interior C2-Estimates 11.3. Global C2-Estimates Notes Bibliography Index
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