ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xv particular Manuel, for their constant support and dedicates this book to them. Jim Isenberg would like to thank Mauro Carfora for introducing him to Ricci flow. He thanks Richard Hamilton for showing him how much fun it can be. He dedicates this book to Paul and Ruth Isenberg. Tom Ivey would like to thank Robert Bryant and Andre Neves for helpful comments and suggestions. Dan Knopf thanks his colleagues and friends in mathematics, with whom he is privileged to work and study. He is especially grateful to Kevin McLeod, whose mentorship and guidance has been invaluable. On a per- sonal level, he thanks his family and friends for their love, especially Dan and Penny, his parents, Frank and Mary Ann, and his wife, Stephanie. Peng Lu benefits from the notes on Perelman's work by Bruce Kleiner and John Lott. Peng thanks Gang Tian for encouragement and help over the years. Peng thanks his family for support. Peng dedicates this book to his grandparents and wishes them well in their world. Feng Luo would like to thank the NSF for partial support. Lei Ni would like to thank Jiaxing Hong and Yuanlong Xin for initiating his interests in geometry and PDE, Peter Li and Luen-Fai Tarn for their teaching over the years and for collaborations. In particular, he would like to thank Richard Hamilton and Grisha Perelman, from whose papers he learned much of what he knows about Ricci flow. Sun-Chin Chu, David Glickenstein, Christine Guenther, Jim Isenberg, Tom Ivey, Dan Knopf, Peng Lu, Feng Luo, and Lei Ni would like to collec- tively thank Bennett Chow for organizing this project.5 Bennett Chow, UC San Diego and East China Normal University Sun-Chin Chu, National Chung Cheng University David Glickenstein, University of Arizona Christine Guenther, Pacific University Jim Isenberg, University of Oregon Tom Ivey, College of Charleston Dan Knopf, University of Texas, Austin Peng Lu, University of Oregon Feng Luo, Rutgers University Lei Ni, UC San Diego August 23, 2006 'Bennett Chow would like to thank his coauthors for letting him ride on their coattails.
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