of helpful suggestions for improving the book and Hongxin Guo and Brett
Kotschwar for proofreading parts of the book.
Bennett Chow would like to thank East China Normal University, the
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, Universite de Cergy-
Pontoise, and his home institution, University of California at San Diego, for
providing a wonderful environment for writing this book. Ben would like to
thank his parents, daughters, and friends for their help and encouragement.
Ben is indebted to his parents, Yutze and Wanlin, for all of the nurturing,
support, and encouragement they have given.
Ben expresses extra special thanks to Classic Dimension for continued
encouragement, support, guidance, understanding, patience, faith, forgive-
ness, and inspiration. Ben dedicates all of his expository works on Ricci flow
and in particular this book to Classic Dimension.
Sun-Chin Chu would like to thank Nai-Chung Leung and Wei-Ming Ni
for their encouragement and help over the years. Sun-Chin would like to
thank his parents for their love and support throughout his life and dedicates
this book to his family.
David Glickenstein would like to thank his wife, Tricia, and his parents,
Helen and Harvey, for their love and support. Dave dedicates this book to
his family.
Christine Guenther would like to thank Jim Isenberg as a friend and
colleague for his guidance and encouragement. She thanks her family, in
particular Manuel, for their constant support and dedicates this book to
Jim Isenberg would like to thank Mauro Carfora for introducing him to
Ricci flow. He thanks Richard Hamilton for showing him how much fun it
can be. He dedicates this book to Paul and Ruth Isenberg.
Tom Ivey would like to thank Robert Bryant and Andre Neves for helpful
comments and suggestions.
Dan Knopf thanks his colleagues and friends in mathematics, with whom
he is privileged to work and study. He is especially grateful to Kevin
McLeod, whose mentorship and guidance have been invaluable. On a per-
sonal level, he thanks his family and friends for their love, especially Dan
and Penny, his parents, Frank and Mary Ann, and his wife, Stephanie.
Peng Lu would like to thank the Clay Mathematics Institute for partial
support and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute for their hospi-
tality during the writing of this book. Peng thanks Brad Shelton for his
various help and he thanks the University of Oregon. Peng dedicates this
book to his parents, siblings, wife, and children.
Feng Luo would like to thank the NSF for partial support.
Lei Ni would like to thank Jiaxing Hong and Yuanlong Xin for initiating
his interests in geometry and PDE, Peter Li and Luen-Fai Tarn for their
teaching over the years and for collaborations. In particular, he would like
to thank Richard Hamilton and Grisha Perelman, from whose papers he
learned much of what he knows about Ricci flow.
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