PREFACE xvii us improve it thanks to Tom Bleier, Jesse Burke, Ela C ¸elikbas, Olgur C ¸elikbas, Justin Devries, Kos Diveris, Christina Eubanks-Turner, Inˆes Bonacho dos Anjos Henriques, Nick Imholte, Brian Johnson, Micah Leamer, Laura Lynch, Matt Mastroeni, Lori McDonnell, Sean Mead- Gluchacki, Livia Miller, Frank Moore, Terri Moore, Hamid Rahmati, Silvia Saccon, and Mark Yerrington. GJL was supported by National Science Foundation grants DMS-0556181 and DMS-0902119 during this project, and RW by a grant from the National Security Agency. The CIRM at Luminy hosted us for a highly productive and enjoyable week in June 2010. Each of us visited the other several times over the years, and enjoyed the hospitality of each other’s home department, for which we thank UNL and SU, respectively. Graham J. Leuschke Syracuse University Roger Wiegand University of Nebraska-Lincoln Syracuse and Lincoln, December 2011
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