Korchagina for rooting out errors in the previous volume. Our deep appreciation
goes to John G. Thompson, Peter Sin and Chat-Yin Ho at the University of Florida
both for the many corrections and improvements which they have suggested and
for the moral support which they have provided.
We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation
grant #DMS 97-01253; and the second author thanks the Ohio State University for
its generosity and warm hospitality during his visit in the winter of 1998, during
the preparation of this manuscript.
Our joy in preparing this exposition of the beautiful theory of finite simple
groups has been tempered for all these years by the haunting memory of Danny
Gorenstein. His conception of this project is still a sure guide for us, and we miss
his companionship, insight and energy as much as ever.
During the preparation of this volume the world lost another master of finite
group theory: Michio Suzuki, who took ill in the winter of 1997-1998 and died on
May 31, 1998. Chapter 2 revolves around the classification of finite groups with a
strongly embedded subgroup, which as we have noted was pioneered by Suzuki in
the 1950's and completed by Bender over ten years later. This theorem has been
a cornerstone of the theory of finite simple groups; virtually every general classifi-
cation theorem in the subject has relied on it—except the Odd Order Theorem, of
course. While Suzuki's fundamental contributions are to be found over many parts
of the group-theoretic landscape, this particular one is surely the most far-reaching
and typifies his spirited originality and powerful insight. Out of deep respect and
affection we have dedicated this book to his memory.
October, 1998
Department of Mathematics
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903
E-mail: lyonsOmath. rutgers . edu
Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio 43210
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