Selected Titles in This Series
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40.1 Daniel Gorenstein, Richard Lyons, and Ronald Solomon, The classification of the
finite simple groups, number 1, 1994
39 Sigurdur Helgason, Geometric analysis on symmetric spaces, 1994
38 Guy David and Stephen Semmes, Analysis of and on uniformly rectifiable sets, 1993
37 Leonard Lewin, Editor, Structural properties of polylogarithms, 1991
36 John B. Conway, The theory of subnormal operators, 1991
35 Shreeram S. Abhyankar, Algebraic geometry for scientists and engineers, 1990
34 Victor Isakov, Inverse source problems, 1990
33 Vladimir G. Berkovich, Spectral theory and analytic geometry over non-Archimedean
fields, 1990
32 Howard Jacobowitz, An introduction to CR structures, 1990
31 Paul J. Sally, Jr. and David A. Vogan, Jr., Editors, Representation theory and
harmonic analysis on semisimple Lie groups, 1989
30 Thomas W . Cusick and Mary E. Flahive, The Markoff and Lagrange spectra, 1989
29 Alan L. T. Paterson, Amenability, 1988
28 Richard Beals, Percy Deift, and Carlos Tomei, Direct and inverse scattering on the
line, 1988
27 Nathan J. Fine, Basic hypergeometric series and applications, 1988
26 Hari Bercovici, Operator theory and arithmetic in H°°, 1988
25 Jack K. Hale, Asymptotic behavior of dissipative systems, 1988
24 Lance W . Small, Editor, Noetherian rings and their applications, 1987
23 E. H. Rothe, Introduction to various aspects of degree theory in Banach spaces, 1986
22 Michael E. Taylor, Noncommutative harmonic analysis, 1986
21 Albert Baernstein, David Drasin, Peter Duren, and Albert Marden, Editors,
The Bieberbach conjecture: Proceedings of the symposium on the occasion of the proof,
20 Kenneth R. Goodearl, Partially ordered abelian groups with interpolation, 1986
19 Gregory V. Chudnovsky, Contributions to the theory of transcendental numbers, 1984
18 Frank B. Knight, Essentials of Brownian motion and diffusion, 1981
17 Le Baron O. Ferguson, Approximation by polynomials with integral coefficients, 1980
16 O. Timothy O'Meara, Symplectic groups, 1978
15 J. Diestel and J. J. Uhl, Jr., Vector measures, 1977
14 V. Guillemin and S. Sternberg, Geometric asymptotics, 1977
13 C. Pearcy, Editor, Topics in operator theory, 1974
12 J. R. Isbell, Uniform spaces, 1964
11 J. Cronin, Fixed points and topological degree in nonlinear analysis, 1964
10 R. Ayoub, An introduction to the analytic theory of numbers, 1963
9 Arthur Sard, Linear approximation, 1963
8 J. Lehner, Discontinuous groups and automorphic functions, 1964
7.2 A. H. Clifford and G. B. Preston, The algebraic theory of semigroups, Volume II, 1961
7.1 A. H. Clifford and G. B. Preston, The algebraic theory of semigroups, Volume I, 1961
6 C. C. Chevalley, Introduction to the theory of algebraic functions of one variable, 1951
5 S. Bergman , The kernel function and conformal mapping, 1950
4 O. F. G. Schilling, The theory of valuations, 1950
3 M. Marden, Geometry of polynomials, 1949
2 N . Jacobson, The theory of rings, 1943
1 J. A. Shohat and J. D . Tamarkin, The problem of moments, 1943
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