Index Notations Z, Q, R, C, H denote (as usual) the rings of integers, rational, real or complex numbers, and of quaternions. R n is real number space, with its usual Euclidean structure. Dn = { x e R n : ||x|| 1 } , S™-1 = {xeRn: \\x\\ = 1}, LP" 1 = {xeS™-1 :xn^0}. We use standard notation for manifolds. rM denotes the tangent bundle of M v is usually a normal bundle. If v is a bundle over X, Xu denotes its Thom space. Our notation for Lie groups (e.g. O, Spin) and their classifying spaces (e.g. BO) is also standard. Poincare complexes and n-ads n-ads 3 di,6i,Si,Gi 3 amalgamation 4 manifold n-ad 6 Poincare complex, Poincare pair 22-23 Poincare n-ad 24 Poincare embedding 119,262 object 91 restricted object 132 object of type n 96 ^-object 92 Surgery surgery, handle 8 handle subtraction 13 normal map, normal cobordism 10 Algebraic topology [X] 22 C*(X) 21 w:7r-+{±l} 21 #»* 21 Kk,Kk etc. 25,158 A = Z[TTI(X)] 21 300
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