Contents Preface Part 1. Jacobi Operators Chapter 1. Jacobi operators 1.1. General properties 1.2. Jacobi operators 1.3. A simple example 1.4. General second order difference expressions 1.5. The infinite harmonic crystal in one dimension Chapter 2. Foundations of spectral theory for Jacobi operators 2.1. Weyl m-functions 2.2. Properties of solutions 2.3. Positive solutions 2.4. Weyl circles 2.5. Canonical forms of Jacobi operators and the moment proble 2.6. Some remarks on unbounded operators 2.7. Inverse spectral theory Chapter 3. Qualitative theory of spectra 3.1. Locating the spectrum and spectral multiplicities 3.2. Locating the essential spectrum 3.3. Locating the absolutely continuous spectrum 3.4. A bound on the number of eigenvalues Chapter 4. Oscillation theory 4.1. Prufer variables and Sturm's separation theorem
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