Chapter VI. Analytic Continuation and Near Holomor-
phy of Eisenstein Series of General Types 185
23. Eisenstein series of general types 185
24. Pullback of Eisenstein series 194
25. Proof of Theorems in Sections 20 and 23 203
26. Near holomorphy of Eisenstein series in Case UB 208
Chapter VII. Arithmeticity of the Critical Values of
Zeta Functions and Eisenstein Series of General Types 219
27. The spaces of holomorphic Eisenstein series 219
28. Main theorems on arithmeticity in Cases SP and UT 230
29. Main theorems on arithmeticity in Case UB 240
Appendix 247
Al. The series associated to a symmetric matrix and Gauss
sums 247
A2. Metaplectic groups and factors of automorphy 251
A3. Transformation formulas of general theta series 262
A4. The constant term of a theta series at each cusp depends
only on the genus 272
A5. Theta series of a hermitian form 274
A6. Estimate of the Fourier coefficients of a modular form 278
A7. The Mellin transforms of Hilbert modular forms 282
A8. Certain unitarizable representation spaces 285
References 297
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