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Peter Landweber Tudor Rati u
Michael Loss, Chair J. T . Stafford
Based on a series of lecture notes, in French,
Universite de Bordeaux, 1991-1995.
Translated by A N D R E A S H A R T M A N N an d greatly revised by th e author
2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primar y 47-02, 30-02, 93-02,
30D55, 47B35, 47A45, 93B05, 93C05.
ABSTRACT. The book joins four formally distant topics of analysis and its applications: Volume
1 contains 1) Hardy classes of holomorphic functions, 2) Spectral theory of Hankel and Toeplitz
operators, and Volume 2 contains 3) Function models for linear operators on a Hilbert space
and free interpolation, and 4) Infinite-dimensional system theory and signal processing. Beyond
standard topics covered by these titles, it includes elements of maximal functions, Littlewood-Paley
techniques, the Riemann zeta-function, Wiener filtering (all in Volume 1), as well as moment
problems, reproducing kernel spaces, Schatten-von Neumann ideals, stationary processes, best
rational approximations, similarity theory, and controllability with the least control operators (in
Volume 2).
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Nikol'skii, N. K. (Nikolai Kapitonovich)
Operators, functions, and systems : an easy reading / Nikolai K. Nikolski ; [translated by
Andreas Hartmann and greatly revised by the author].
p. cm. (Mathematical surveys and monographs, ISSN 0076-5376 ; v. 92)
Contents: v. 1. Hardy, Hankel, and Toeplitz
ISBN 0-8218-1083-9 (v. 1 : alk. paper)
1. Operator theory 2. Harmonic analysis. 3. Control theory. I. Title. II. Mathematical
surveys and monographs ; no. 92.
QA329 .N55 2002
AMS softcover ISBN 978-0-8218-5265-1
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