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The AMS publishes a wide range of textbooks, from advanced graduate-level research, to collegiate mathematics, to resources for high school educators and students. The recent addition of the MAA Press to our program expands our offerings to a number of new course areas.

Why select an AMS Textbook for your class?

  • Quality: The AMS is a professional society of mathematicians and one of the world's leading publishers of mathematical literature. Our publications meet the highest professional standards for their content and production. All of our textbooks are approved by our editorial boards and tested in classrooms.
  • Affordability: We are committed to keeping prices low for students and researchers, and AMS members can save by buying directly.
  • Supporting mathematics: Revenue generated by our publishing program helps support the other activities and programs of the AMS, benefiting the mathematical community.

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Print or electronic examination copies are available to instructors. Click on the "Exam Copy Request" button on an individual book page to request an exam copy.


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