Titles in This Series
57 Frank Sottile, Real solutions to equations from geometry, 2011
56 A. Ya. Helemskii, Quantum functional analysis: Non-coordinate approach, 2010
55 Oded Goldreich, A primer on pseudorandom generators, 2010
54 John M. Mackay and Jeremy T. Tyson, Conformal dimension: Theory and
application, 2010
53 John W. Morgan and Frederick Tsz-Ho Fong, Ricci flow and geometrization of
3-manifolds, 2010
52 Jan Nagel and Marian Aprodu, Koszul cohomology and algebraic geometry, 2010
51 J. Ben Hough, Manjunath Krishnapur, Yuval Peres, and alint Vir´ ag, Zeros of
Gaussian analytic functions and determinantal point processes, 2009
50 John T. Baldwin, Categoricity, 2009
49 ozsef Beck, Inevitable randomness in discrete mathematics, 2009
48 Achill Sch¨ urmann, Computational geometry of positive definite quadratic forms, 2008
47 Ernst Kunz (with the assistance of and contributions by David A. Cox and
Alicia Dickenstein), Residues and duality for projective algebraic varieties, 2008
46 Lorenzo Sadun, Topology of tiling spaces, 2008
45 Matthew Baker, Brian Conrad, Samit Dasgupta, Kiran S. Kedlaya, and Jeremy
Teitelbaum (David Savitt and Dinesh S. Thakur, Editors), p-adic geometry:
Lectures from the 2007 Arizona Winter School, 2008
44 Vladimir Kanovei, Borel equivalence relations: structure and classification, 2008
43 Giuseppe Zampieri, Complex analysis and CR geometry, 2008
42 Holger Brenner, urgen Herzog, and Orlando Villamayor (Juan Elias, Teresa
Cortadellas Ben´ ıtez, Gemma Colom´ e-Nin, and Santiago Zarzuela, Editors),
Three Lectures on Commutative Algebra, 2008
41 James Haglund, The q, t-Catalan numbers and the space of diagonal harmonics (with an
appendix on the combinatorics of Macdonald polynomials), 2008
40 Vladimir Pestov, Dynamics of infinite-dimensional groups. The Ramsey–Dvoretzky–
Milman phenomenon, 2006
39 Oscar Zariski, The moduli problem for plane branches (with an appendix by Bernard
Teissier), 2006
38 Lars V. Ahlfors, Lectures on Quasiconformal Mappings, Second Edition, 2006
37 Alexander Polishchuk and Leonid Positselski, Quadratic algebras, 2005
36 Matilde Marcolli, Arithmetic noncommutative geometry, 2005
35 Luca Capogna, Carlos E. Kenig, and Loredana Lanzani, Harmonic measure:
Geometric and analytic points of view, 2005
34 E. B. Dynkin, Superdiffusions and positive solutions of nonlinear partial differential
equations, 2004
33 Kristian Seip, Interpolation and sampling in spaces of analytic functions, 2004
32 Paul B. Larson, The stationary tower: Notes on a course by W. Hugh Woodin, 2004
31 John Roe, Lectures on coarse geometry, 2003
30 Anatole Katok, Combinatorial constructions in ergodic theory and dynamics, 2003
29 Thomas H. Wolff (Izabella Laba and Carol Shubin, editors), Lectures on harmonic
analysis, 2003
28 Skip Garibaldi, Alexander Merkurjev, and Jean-Pierre Serre, Cohomological
invariants in Galois cohomology, 2003
27 Sun-Yung A. Chang, Paul C. Yang, Karsten Grove, and Jon G. Wolfson,
Conformal, Riemannian and Lagrangian geometry, The 2000 Barrett Lectures, 2002
26 Susumu Ariki, Representations of quantum algebras and combinatorics of Young
tableaux, 2002
25 William T. Ross and Harold S. Shapiro, Generalized analytic continuation, 2002
24 Victor M. Buchstaber and Taras E. Panov, Torus actions and their applications in
topology and combinatorics, 2002
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